Using variables in SQL queries for SAP Business One is straight forward for simple select statements but what about the more complex variables or if you want to declare a variable for your SQL?

Answer: You have to get a bit more creative! See the example below.

To select a from and to date as a variable in a declare statement you have to add a nifty bit of extra code.


/SELECT FROM [dbo].[VPM1] T0/

declare  @fromdate as datetime

/* WHERE */

set @fromdate = /* T0.DueDate */ ‘[%0]’


/SELECT FROM [dbo].[VPM1] T1/

declare  @tilldate as datetime

/* WHERE */

set @tilldate = /* T0.DueDate */ ‘[%1]’



select  OVPM.docnum, VPM1.dueDate,VPM1.CheckNum, VPM1.Branch,

VPM1.BankCode, VPM1.CheckSum, OVPM.CardName,


when OPCH.docnum is null then VPM2.docEntry

else OPCH.docnum

end as ‘docnum’

from OVPM INNER join VPM1 on OVPM.docnum = VPM1.docnum

left join  VPM2 LEFT JOIN OPCH ON VPM2.DocEntry = OPCH.DocEntry

on OVPM.docnum = VPM2.docnum

where OVPM.Canceled = ‘N’ AND VPM1.DueDate >=@fromdate AND

VPM1.DueDate <=@tilldate



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