Implementing SAP Business One – A Quick Intro


Is SAP Business One complex? Yes, but over time it becomes second nature. Do not be afraid of the learning curve, it is generally quick and painless. The built in help function and the excellent support available usually means a problem is solved in seconds.

SAP Business One – An Intro

There are plenty of resources on the web for SAP Business One and SAP themselves welcome contact from anyone to answer their questions in a prompt fashion. Please view the following video which will give you an overview on the ERP system.

Implementing SAP Business One

The implementation of SAP Business One is generally fast and effective – as long the company is well prepared. To ensure you are well prepared, take stock of the following points:

  • Resource –
    • People – Do you have available resource for the project? Can you provide technically astute individuals to grasp the system and become super users?
    • Time – Have you considered the impact on your business’ time? Will the implementation impact on your busiest time of the year? Is their sufficient time to allow for installation, data migration, training and a cross over from your old system to the new?
  • Technology –
    • Do you have the right specifications of servers? PCs/Laptops? If you are launching a wireless warehouse management module, do you have the hardware in place (handhelds and network)?
  • Partner –
    • Have you selected a partner? Is the partner the best fit for you, your staff and business?
    • Will the partner provide you with the best value for money?
    • Do they provide you upgrade inclusive packages?

If you would like to discuss the above points and the myriad of others or if you require help or advice, just click and complete and we will contact you.

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