Pay As You Go and Monthly Contract IT Support Packages

We will tailor a monthly support package to your needs or simply pay for IT Support as you go (pay as you go)!

IT isn’t easy; especially with multiple device types and the ever increasing demand on businesses for IT solutions. However, 1 dash 1 can take your IT Support strain by our IT Support Monthly packages or Pay As You Go offerings. We know that your employees have jobs to do so we aim to fix their issues as soon as possible, reducing the impact on their workloads.

Monthly Contract IT Support

We tailor our monthly contract support packages to your business to ensure that you are receiving the best service that can be provided.

Our Monthly IT Support Contracts include:

  • Unlimited phone IT support
  • Unlimited email IT support
  • Unlimited remote IT support
  • A set quantity of hours onsite per month
  • Server montioring

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Pay As You Go IT Support

Our pay as you go IT support is structured to best fit your business and to be there when you need us. We offer several mediums for providing IT support:

  • Remote IT support
  • Phone IT support
  • Email IT support
  • Onsite IT support

Our pricing for Pay As You Go IT Support is as follows:

  • £50 per hour for remote, phone and email IT Support
  • £75 per hour for Onsite support (inclusive of mileage)

Improve efficiency, provide a better Customer experience with the 1 Dash 1 services available

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