Brewery Software with Full Batch Traceability

(Possibly the best thing since sliced baked goods) 

Batch traceability is essential for knowing where your stock is, where it is going and where it has gone. If for some reason you need to know where a certain batch/brew was sold to and you don’t have brewery software that tracks your batches you will either need to maintain an Excel spreadsheet with the batch tracking details or you are in trouble.

You sell x litres of your finest in a short period of time to several customers. The figure consists of 4 seperate brews, from different casks and were supervised by 2 different people. A customer asks you to provide information on the product they bought.

How soon can you get them the information? Where do you get it from?

Brewery Software including comprehensive Batch Tracking

Good news! The brewery management software that we offer which encompasses accounting, production,  stock management, CRM (the list goes on and on!) does provide batch traceability. You will never need to scrape together information from various sources again! You will be able to see the completion date, when the Batch left you and where it went; what ingredients went into the batch and any other information with how it was brewed, who brewed it and any notes that you wish to keep on that batch.

Batch Tracking Information

  • Date brewed
  • Date Delivered
  • Date Sold
  • Ingredients
  • Who made it
  • Where it was made
  • Where it was stored in your brewery
  • Any other information you want to keep

Another problem solved. You too could rest assured that 1 Dash 1 will make your life less stressed!

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