Locked Business one license SAP multiple users

SAP Business One Named Licenses – 1 User Logged In At One Time

SAP B1 Version 9 and above users – take note!

SAP Business One users who are temporarily locked out whilst another machine is logged in as the same user isn’t an error! It is new, core functionality to stop license over usage (read as abuse!).  Once the second machine has logged off the first user unfreezes.

Please note:
If a SAP B1 named user is being used for interfaces/ APIs then there are possibilities that locks or blocks will occur! Not good for an interface and there are better ways of overcoming this.

A bit about the SAP Business One license model.

SAP Business One licenses are based on a named user licensing model. Each user name needs to have a license granted to it.   A named user is an employee who is authorized to access directly or indirectly the licensed SAP Business One software, which is enforced by License Policy Technical Enforcement features in version 9.0.

Employees may not share a single user name to logon to SAP Business One. Licenses assigned to a named user are not specific to a single company database.

Locked Business one license SAP multiple users

So What/Why has it changed?

In prior releases of SAP Business One up to version 8.82 using the same user name, a named user can log on to SAP Business One twice, for example to access a second company. In reality however, this is not the case. Up to the 8.82 SAP Business One version level, even with a clear emphasis of a named user licensing model (one named user utilizing/assigned one SAP Business One license)   the system allows 2 possible login to the same database company using the same user name and password. This then allows customers to have a work around of having two employees using the same login and password to process things within an SAP Business One database company. The drawback in this case is that instead of one license needed for the two employees it now only requires each user to have their own login and password.

Now with the release of SAP Business One version 9.0, inquiries started to pour in as more customers from the SAP Business One 8.8 versions started upgrading to the latest release of SAP Business One. The scenario where the same name user and password logging in as two separate instances to the same database does not work anymore. This has led to many customers asking the questions “Why I have been allowed to do this in SAP Business One 8.82 version and earlier why not now?”.

What to do?

Basically, if you are under licensed, you will need to purchase more licenses!

If you don’t currently benefit from SAP Business One (err, why on Earth did you find this page??!!) but would like a powerful and easy business system to use for your business, get in touch!


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