SAP Business One Missing Months / Periods in Reports

Have you run a Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss or Trial Balance in B1 V8.1, 8.2 or a recently upgraded V9 and discovered that you are missing periods or months from the report? Weird, eh? It is as much use as an Octopus tentacle snooker cue, but don’t worry, it can be fixed!

The issue appeared in V8.x and is fixed in V9. The problem is, you upgrade V9 and the problem still exists. The problem has been fixed and will not occur again but you need to fix the cause of the issue to see the months again. All this requires is a quick fix to a users settings.

  1. Find the formid, itemid of the problematic grid
    a) Open SBO, find the problematic grid in a form
    b) Enable the System/Debug information(Go to Menu->View, check System/Debug information)
    c) Put the mouse on any field of the problematic grid, find the formid (The number after ‘Form=’) and the itemid(The number after ‘Item=’) on the status bar at the left bottom of SBO
    d) Record this formid and itemid
  2. Close SBO. Make sure no SBO clients are connected to the server. (This step is very important! If SBO is not closed, this solution will not work!)
  3. Open SQL Analyzer, run the update query below

Open SQL Analyzer, run the update query below.
Before running the query, do please replace:
/!Formid found in Step 1!/ to the formid found in step 1.
/!Itemid found in Step 1!/ to the itemid found in step 1.
/!Problematic User Code!/ to the user code of problematic user.
–delete all the user settings
delete cprf where formid=’/!Formid found in Step 1!/’ — for this form
and itemid=’/!Itemid found in Step 1!/’ — and this document
and usersign =
select internal_k from ousr where
user_code = ‘/!Problematic User Code!/’
–endMissing months financial report fix


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