Date Deviates From Permissible Range

SAP Business One – Date Deviates From Permissible Range

The ever popular Date Deviates From Permissible Range error message appears for two reasons and IS easily solved!

The usual occurrence is in the New Year when new posting periods need to be created. To resolve this simply create a new posting year/period in (and watch out for your sub-periods!):

Within SAP Business One in the Main Menu or top menu Modules option go to –

Administration –> System Initialisation –> Posting Periods

The second occurrence is when you are trying to post documents with a due date that is not covered by the created Posting Periods Due Date range. This usually occurs towards the end of the year. You can solve this problem with the following solution.

Administration –> System Initialisation –> Posting Periods

Change the Due Date range to allow you to enter the document.