SAP Business One on Hana leaves every other Small to Medium business software behind with it’s instant in-memory computing!

So what does it mean for you?

SAP Business One on Hana

Speed, accessibility and reporting within seconds for your business; Locally or Globally! Reports that take you days in other ERP software systems will take seconds on SAP Business One on Hana. This means that you will save money and time on the reports themselves but will also give you the edge over your competition.

How? You ask.

Let’s say a trend begins for one of your products that one of your competitors sell. You see the trend instantly and can react to the increase within minutes, maximising on sales and profitability. It will probably be at least a week to a month before your competitor even sees the increase!

What could this mean to your business? Find out by contacting us.

Get ahead, get SAP Business One on Hana.


SAP Business One on Hana

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