The SAP Business One ERP software application integrates all of the core business functions across your entire company, including purchasing, financials, sales, customer relationship management, operations, and stock.

Small Business Software

Unlike most other small business software solutions available, SAP Business One is a single application, thus eliminating the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules.

Benefits of SAP Business One

SAP Business One has the ability to be configured easily and quickly with the ability of being able to rename fields and create User Defined Fields and User Defined Values (formatted searches). As a software user you can create new fields to extend the Data you want to record – if you have the authorisations to create new fields, of course!
  • Improve efficiency for a better bottom line – Centralise and connect your entire business across sales, stock/inventory, purchasing, operations, and financials  in one end to end solution, eliminating redundant data entries, errors, and costs
  • Focus on growing your business – Streamline operations from end to end, so you can focus on making your business more profitable
  • Make smarter, faster decisions – Put your business information into a single data source, so you can instantly drill down to complete, up to date information  and so your people can respond quickly to customer needs and be more empowered to make decisions
  • Get faster time to value – Be up and running within two to eight weeks with a single application. The intuitive user experience minimizes user training and reduces the cost of ongoing IT support
  • Support your changing needs – With easy to use customization tools and over 550 add on solutions provided by our software solution partners, SAP Business One can be flexibly tailored and extended to meet your specific business needs
  • Connect headquarters, subsidiaries, and business partners in one seamless network – Better serve your customers and gain operational efficiency with affordable, right-sized solutions to help manage information flow and harmonize business processes

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ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

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