SAP Business One Costs & Pricing

You’re interested in an ERP system and you want to how much SAP Business One costs. Firstly, a quick recap…

SAP Business One is designed for small and mid-sized businesses that are looking to streamline and integrate their financial, CRM, operations and administration processes using a single, easy-to-use ERP system.

What is SAP Business One?
SAP Business One is a standard off-the-shelf ERP software package that brings together your accounting/finance, sales, purchasing, manufacturing and service operations, so that you can have visibility and control of every function in your business – using one single integrated system.  An overview of SAP Business One functionality.

SAP Business One Pricing

When budgeting for your business management software, how you choose to deploy will impact the pricing options available to you. There are five key areas to consider:

  • Deployment Model: With the SAP B1 standard and starter package deployments, you pay up front – with the On Demand option, you pay a flat subscription fee on a monthly basis
  • Software Licensing: Fees depend on the number of users and the type of access required
  • Implementation: Cost will vary according to your business requirements
  • Hardware: Depending on your current hardware, you may need to budget for upgrades. With on-demand, it’s part of the package
  • Maintenance: General maintenance costs, upgrades, new releases, support services, etc.

Is SAP Business One a long term SME solution from SAP?
SAP has invested heavily and continues to invest in Business One. There are now in excess of 30,000 installations worldwide and this is growing at a rate of 30-35% year on year, which makes SAP B1 key to SAP’s future business strategy. SAP publish a roadmap in the public domain which describes their product development plans for SAP Business One for several years ahead.

SAP Business One Costs & Pricing

Written specifically for the SME market this highly configurable product achieves a very high degree of fit, but can be implemented very quickly and costs are kept to a minimum.

What does SAP Business One Cost?

The total price of the Business One system will depend on how many users you have and the type of licence required by each user.

Can you spread the cost of your SAP B1 system?
SAP offer finance packages which allows you to split the cost of the whole system (software, hardware and implementation services) into affordable monthly payments.

Can you speak to a company that already uses SAP Business One?
Of course! We can arrange for you to speak to a business already using SAP B1 to help you understand the implementation process, the pricing and costs and what to expect from the project and software.

How long does SAP Business One take to implement?
Our consultants have implemented SAP B1 from 1 week up to 8 months which were completely different scales of businesses with different business & system requirements.

We don’t have a dedicated in-house IT department. Is this a problem?
Not at all. Most small businesses do not have an in-house IT department but due to the stability of the system and the support agreement from your partner an in-house IT team will not be necessary.

Are upgrades to new Patch levels free?
Upgrades to new patch levels or versions of SAP Business One are free.

I don’t want the system to be located on our premises. Are there other options?
Yes! SAP Business One on demand is a hosted solution and allows you to budget, month to month, with a monthly payment plan.

What is the price of SAP Business One?
SAP B1 is licensed on a named user basis which means that any user who is to use the system will require a license. Licenses are supplied either as a full functionality user or a Limited user license (Limited Financials & Logistics etc).

How fast can SAP B1 be installed/ implemented?
This completely depends on your company; the size, the number of users, the business processes and requirements from the system. SAP B1 can be implemented in 3 days for small companies but a general implementation will take from 1-3 months to enable a smooth cut over from your old system.

How much does SAP Business One cost to implement?
Again, the answer is hinged on the size of your company but as a guideline a 10 user system will cost between £10k and  £30k inclusive of the implementation costs (consultancy, software purchasing, etc).

How much does it cost each year?
The core system will cost approximately 20% of the software price each year for the maintenance/ support contract. Please be aware that this does vary and is determined by if you have Add-Ons which extend the functionality of the system.

Feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have and they will contact you shortly.

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