Cost Cutting Your Business

Business Cost Cutting –¬†How to cut costs in business

Businesses have many costs. You look at your monthly expenditure and wonder how they became so high. Over a period of time a business will increase it’s spending due to it’s natural running costs. As the business grows, so do the costs. An owner of a business will wonder how the costs have spiralled to their current degree but all business owners are busy and when you are busy it is impossible to keep up to date with your ever increasing costs! Good business management means good business profits!

1 dash 1 provide cost reduction consulting services

Where do you start? Initially you will need to look at your costs, your bills and your financial commitments. The list below consists of the Top 17 common costs to a business.

List of Business Running Costs:

  • Utilities (Gas, Water and Electricity)
  • Salaries
  • Telecommunication (Telephones & Faxes)
  • Websites & Email
  • Marketing Activities
  • Buildings (Rental or Mortgage for an office or warehouse)
  • Logistics (Petrol, Diesel)
  • Staff Expenses
  • Travel (Flights & Hotels)
  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • Components
  • Stock
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Accountants
  • Service Providers

Now we know where most business running costs come from the key question is “What do you do now?”.

Reduce Your Annual Costs By 50%!
50% appears to be a high number but it is achievable. On average most of our clients have seen a cost reduction of between 20%-30% which is a very healthy amount of savings that will boost the profit of your company!

Cost Cutting Solutions

This is where 1 dash 1’s experience and knowledge benefits our clients. We will work with you to identify where your greatest expenditure is and create a report on our findings.

Once we have presented you with the report we will work with you to reduce the costs through our network of suppliers, through negotiations and by implementing our solutions.

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