Business Process Improvements

Every ambitious company wants to remain competitive and grow the business. But to deliver real results your managers and staff need the skills and expertise to understand, analyse and drive improvement into your business processes.

Business process improvement initiatives are used frequently within an organization. No matter the size of the organization or the size of the business process improvement initiative. Even if a business process improvement initiative is targeted at an individual department, the impact of the change will be organization-wide. By ensuring that the initiative is managed as a strategic project, there are increased opportunities for success.

Improve your business processes

Process improvement initiatives are – or should be – continuous. As companies grow, they need to continuously analyse and refine their processes to ensure they are performing business as efficiently and effectively as possible. Tuning processes provides an organization with a competitive edge in their industry marketplace.

Process improvement is a strategy to assist an organization to meet its long term plans, goals and objectives. The key for all organizations is to meet the demands of their clients – both internal and external. Clients’ needs improvements – whether due to economic factors, new product launches and expansion. Continuously reviewing processes for potential improvements and efficiencies enables a company to adapt effectively to their clients’ changing requirements.

Sometimes improving one process may inadvertently have an adverse affect on other processes. For example, let’s say a company changes its sales order processing. Once that process is improved, it becomes apparent that the improvement in that process has created a backlog in order fulfillment in the manufacturing department. Project management would address such issues as part of the risk planning, and the order fulfillment process would have been reviewed as an extension of the sales order process. Or, the initial project would have been assessed to determine if making changes to the sales order process would be beneficial to the company as a whole, given investments needed for other parts of the company.

A sustainable approach to improving people, process and business performance

At 1 dash 1 we’ll help transform the way your business operates so you can deliver your strategic objectives. We work closely with the whole organisation to ensure change and process improvement is viewed in a positive way – creating a continuous improvement culture within the business. We have a proven track record of delivering a return on our clients’ investment. Our bespoke and scalable services have transformed businesses of all sizes and industries.

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