Business Analysis

We are here to help. The following is how we approach our SAP Business One consultancy in clear and easy reading. We do not believe in ‘management speak’ and avoid it at all costs!

Step 1. Contact Us
You need to talk to us!

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Step 2. A confidential discussion

We will discuss your business, your key points of interest and what you want to achieve (which is usually less overheads and more profits or improved SAP Business One reporting/ processes) during a confidential telephone call or face to face meeting. This will provide us with an idea of what you do, how you do it, where you want to be in the future and how we can help you achieve it.

Step 3. Expectations are set

We will work together and agree on a prioritised list of tasks; what is to be addressed first and a timeline of how to achieve it.

Step 4. Analysis

We have agreed on the most important tasks to be addressed and now we begin to fact-find the the problem.

Business Processes
For a business process we will work with you or your employees to gain a full understanding of your process from start to finish. To understand we will ask you questions, like:

Why you do it
What does it achieve
What is involved
How is it done currently
The duration time of the task
…and more!

Once we have gathered all of the information about the business process we create a report.

Cost Cutting
For cost cutting we begin by understanding the cost, why it exists (if it is not a common cost) and request the weekly/monthly/yearly breakdown of the particular cost. Generally we only look at the last 12 months for a particular cost but we will increase this time period as required.

For example: You use a 3rd party IT services company for your IT support. We will request all of the information about the service provided; If the company provides you with a monthly amount all inclusive of any services provided OR if the company charges you a monthly rate for X hours work per month and a charge for any services over that limit. We will calculate the exact cost to you for that service and begin to compare the service agreement/price with other suppliers.

Step 5. Report creation

We have all of the information we require and we build you a report detailing our findings. This provides you with a benchmark of your cost/ business process to enable you and us to compare with the final solution.

Step 6. Solutions

We work hard to source you a solution from the results of the fact-finding stage. We provide you several options based on effectiveness, cost and viability which you are able to absorb and digest. We discuss the solutions and decide upon which one to launch.

Step 7. Launch

The hard work is complete, the decision is made, the solution is launched! At this point we can see what we have achieved and you are able to count the savings made!

We provide our services to coincide with your company; how it operates at the present time and how you want it to operate. We work with your company culture. We are here to help you push your successful business forward.

Contact us now to start the process and reap the rewards!

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