Fully Integrated SAAS ERP Brewery Software | From £100 per month

You love your brewery and brewing but we’re guessing that the paperwork that goes with it removes the love slightly. Good news! We have something to help remove the paperwork headache.

Our fully integrated ERP brewery software is the painkiller to your headache and it is very cost effective! Budget for your brewery software but you won’t need to budget on the functionality. Production, Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Customer & Supplier information, Pricing, Stock Control, Batch Management, Recipes and Planning are all included, as STANDARD. Everything you need in a solution and it comes as SAAS (Software as a Service). Allowing you to incorporate it into your budgeting.

  • Forget about not having the information you need immediately>>
  • Forget multiple systems >>
  • Forget spreadsheets >>
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Brewery Solutions. Not Problems.

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Growing With Your Brewery

As you grow it will grow with you. Micro, Craft, Small & Medium sized breweries can now have a brewery software package that will improve their profits by reducing their costs whilst improving the brewery business.

Hosted Brewery Software

What does it mean to you and your brewery?

Quite simply, you pay a small fee each month for each required user. You will not need to purchase Server hardware; you will not need to upgrade or buy new computers; all you need is an internet connection to access your system. You will not require IT support for your fully integrated ERP Brewery system as it is fully incorporated in your monthly fee. Our On-Demand or SAAS (Software as a Service) offering brings ERP power to the smaller breweries allowing them to compete against the larger brewers and sell globally with ease.


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What is the cost?

From £100 per user per month*

If you want to find out more about saving a small fortune on software & hardware whilst improving the profits of your brewery, contact 1 Dash 1 for more information.

*Depending on your brewery and user requirements 

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