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SAP Business One SQL Prompt Variables

/* SELECT FROM [dbo].[OSLP] T1 */
declare @slpName as varchar(155)
set @SlpName = /* T1.SlpName */ ‘[%0]’

/* SELECT FROM [dbo].[OCRD] T2 */
declare @CardCode as varchar(15)
/* WHERE */
set @CardCode = /* T2.CardCode */ ‘[%1]’


SAP Business One HANA Prompt Variables

/* select from [dbo].[OINV] T0 */

/* select from [dbo].[OSLP] T1 */

Declare FromDate timestamp;

Declare ToDate timestamp;

Declare SALESEMP char(155);


SALESEMP := /* T1.”SlpName” */ ‘[%0]’;

FromDate := /* T0.”DocDate” */ ‘[%1]’;

ToDate := /* T0.”DocDate” */ ‘[%2]’;


!! Remember to end your HANA SQL Script with a semicolon and replace the single and double quotes above which are enforced formatting !!

An SAP Business One Stock Report with All Items

The following stock report will display all Items with or without quantities in Stock.


select t0.ItemCode, t1.ItemName, isnull(t3.OnHandQty,0) as ‘In Stock’, t2.BinCode, t2.SL1Code, t2.SL2Code from OITW T0

inner join OITM t1 on t0.ItemCode = t1.ItemCode

inner join OBIN t2 on t2.AbsEntry = T0.DftBinAbs

left outer join OIBQ t3 on t0.ItemCode=t3.ItemCode and t0.WhsCode = t3.WhsCode

where t2.BinCode between [%0] and [%1]

order by t2.SL1Code, t2.SL2Code, t0.ItemCode

This is a short and to the point Crystal Reports post to assist anyone trying to count the number of Groups in a report. If you are using Crystal Reports you will know that the Summary does not work on Groups. We hope you find the following useful!

Crystal Report Group Count

To count the number of Crystal Report group entries in a report, rather than the entries within a Group, use the following process:

1) Create a formula @GroupCountReset and place this formula in the page header and make it suppressed (hidden)


numbervar i:=0;

2) Create another formula @GroupCountEval place this in the group header where you want to count the entries and suppress if required


numbervar i:= i+1;

3) Create another formula @GroupCountDisplay and place this in report footer. Don’t suppress this one! You need to see it!


numbervar i;


You should now have a count of Group entries.

Useful information for Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports for SAP Business One.

Sage Line 50 Upgrade

Most young or Start Up businesses buy Sage Line 50 but soon find that they outgrow the functionality available. Not to fear!

Upgrade from Sage Line 50 to SAP Business One and save 15%

If your small or medium sized business is running on Sage Line 50 then you can upgrade to the functionality rich SAP Business One software suite which will grow with your business as it grows… and grows. With integrated accounting (incl multi-currency, advanced nominal structure), stock control including Serial and Batch numbering and multiple warehouses, customer relationship management, production, sales and purchasing (plus much more!).

Sage Line 50 Upgrade

A Slice of life

If we could, we’d give you the software because we know it will help your business. That’s quite a statement but you can benefit and we can show you how.

With an amazing offer like this, is it worth missing out on something so good?

This offer has a limited time period so get in touch now!

…maybe you’d like SAP Business One HANA? Instant processing with In-memory computing. Want to know more?

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    SAP Business One on Hana leaves every other Small to Medium business software behind with it’s instant in-memory computing!

    So what does it mean for you?

    SAP Business One on Hana

    Speed, accessibility and reporting within seconds for your business; Locally or Globally! Reports that take you days in other ERP software systems will take seconds on SAP Business One on Hana. This means that you will save money and time on the reports themselves but will also give you the edge over your competition.

    How? You ask.

    Let’s say a trend begins for one of your products that one of your competitors sell. You see the trend instantly and can react to the increase within minutes, maximising on sales and profitability. It will probably be at least a week to a month before your competitor even sees the increase!

    What could this mean to your business? Find out by contacting us.

    Get ahead, get SAP Business One on Hana.


    SAP Business One on Hana

    SAP’s announces that HANA powered versions of its ERP Business Suite range has gone on general sale.

    The new version (Version 9) of Business One, which runs on Microsoft SQL and was announced yesterday at the Sapphire NOW conference in Florida, can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and is accessible from mobile devices.

    The latest version of Business One also includes new capabilities for business partner and warehouse management, infrastructure and inventory management.

    SAP Business One Powered by HANA

    • Run your entire business with a single solution that will scale as you grow
    • Drive measurable performance gains in all of your key business processes
    • Use analytics to get up-to-the second information on purchasing habits and more
    • Generate insightful, interactive reports in seconds – no delays, no waiting
    • Enjoy the power of the SAP HANA platform, priced specifically for small business
    • Access real-time business insights – for faster, smarter decision making
    • Empower employees to create standard and ad hoc reports with ease
    • Generate interactive reports in seconds – no delays, no waiting
    • Enjoy the power of the SAP HANA platform, priced for small business
    • Reduce your reliance on consultants and IT for reporting needs

    The HANA in-memory database is currently SAP’s biggest technology initiative, and SAP co-CEO Jim McDermott, in a keynote Tuesday, said HANA would be the platform for all SAP product development going forward.

    Version 9 SAP Business 1 powered by HANA

    In a keynote Wednesday, SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann-Snabe re-emphasized that point when he announced the general availability of Business Suite on HANA.

    “I would claim that HANA is the biggest innovation in 20 years in business software,” Hagemann-Snabe said. Along with the technology’s ability process huge volumes of data, it also greatly speeds up the performance of Business Suite, SAP’s ERP and industry application set for bigger companies, he said. “This idea of putting data in main memory is a quantum leap.”


    Find out more about the cost of SAP Business One.

    Contact 1 Dash 1 to find out more about SAP Business One powered by HANA.

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