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This is a short and to the point Crystal Reports post to assist anyone trying to count the number of Groups in a report. If you are using Crystal Reports you will know that the Summary does not work on Groups. We hope you find the following useful!

Crystal Report Group Count

To count the number of Crystal Report group entries in a report, rather than the entries within a Group, use the following process:

1) Create a formula @GroupCountReset and place this formula in the page header and make it suppressed (hidden)


numbervar i:=0;

2) Create another formula @GroupCountEval place this in the group header where you want to count the entries and suppress if required


numbervar i:= i+1;

3) Create another formula @GroupCountDisplay and place this in report footer. Don’t suppress this one! You need to see it!


numbervar i;


You should now have a count of Group entries.

Useful information for Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports for SAP Business One.

Business Partner Email Report SQL HANA

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Want a list of your Business Partners email address for marketing? Email your business partners from your favourite email marketing site by using this report query. It’s SQL that you run from within Query Generator or SQL Server.

Simply copy the code between the /* … and … */ for your version of SAP B1 and paste into the Query Generator.

Here’s something for free! Have a great bank holiday weekend!


SAP Business One SQL Server version –



–Start. Marketing Email List V1.1

select t1.CardCode, t2.cardname, t1.E_MailL

from ocpr t1 inner join OCRD t2 on t1.CardCode = t2.cardcode

and t2.cardtype = ‘C’

–End. Author Stuart Folley  0843 886 1449





SAP Business One HANA SQL version –



–Start. Marketing Email List V1.1

SELECT T1.”CardCode”, T0.”CardCode”, T1.”E_MailL”

FROM OCRD T0  INNER JOIN OCPR T1 ON T0.”CardCode” = T1.”CardCode”

WHERE T0.”CardType” = ‘C’

–End. Author Stuart Folley  0843 886 1449




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    A 10 minute video of creating an advanced Crystal Report for SAP Business One. A few hints and tips are contained in the video – so don’t share!



    With SAP Business One and SAP Crystal Reports, customers have access to leading solutions for printing and reporting that are in use all across the world by tens of thousands of businesses. Crystal Reports, combined with SAP Business One, the powerful, yet affordable, business management software, has been designed specifically for the needs of small and midsize enterprises.

    Every SAP Business One customer receives one free license of the report designer and every licensed user of SAP Business One can run reports built with Crystal Reports.