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Exciting times at 1 Dash 1. Over the last 2 weeks we have been assisting an Oil industry client by building a Production Process solution to enable them to work more efficiently and provide their customers with the best service possible by ensuring that their purchases are received within budget and on time before time. Not only has the new system reduced data entry by 90% but the ability to see all the required data in an easy to read and in real time has vastly improved how the system users can perform their jobs.

The solution consisted of automatically calculating fields, creating new fields to capture data which was previously maintained across several spreadsheets, drawing and replicating data from parent to child forms, real time reports, real time supplier reports, capturing technical sheets, capturing and providing certification and tolerance documents and much, much more.

Saving our clients time and money is what we strive to provide and most importantly it’s what we enjoy!

If your company requires assistance with improving a process whether it is in SAP Business One or anything else, we can help.


We like to make things really simple to avoid confusion. Have a look at this quick vid and see it helps a bit. Although we install SAP Business One I guess our real talent is helping businesses improve their processes along the way.

Any questions please contact us by from our contact page, at, phone (at the top of the page) or carrier pigeon ūüôā


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SAP Definition

SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing.

It was Founded in 1972 by Wellenreuther, Hopp, Hector, Plattner and Tschira.

SAP by definition is also the name of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) software as well the name of the company.

An SAP system comprises of a number of fully integrated modules which covers virtually every aspect of the management of a business.

SAP has solutions for micro to multi-billion dollar companies. These include; R3, All in One and Business One.

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    We understand SAP Business One, so you don’t have to.

    SAP Business One, the SAP offering for Micro businesses and SME’s is a powerful product with immense potential. With more and more businesses using SAP Business One we have listened and pleased to offer consultancy services to provide training, audits and general advice on how to get the most out of the system.

    Do you know which Partner or Gold Partner is best for you?

    With our market knowledge and contacts in many of the SAP Business One partners throughout the UK, we can assist you in finding the best match for you, your staff and your business. Every business is different and requires a different approach. The SAP Business One implementation consultant assigned to you has to work with you – we will find the best match.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements. We’d love to hear from you.

    Recently, the same question has been asked of us time and time again by SME’s…

    “How do you build an email list?”

    It is a very open question. Firstly, do you have a website?; a place of business? a customer base?

    Hopefully you have at least 2 of the three. With any you can easily build an email list quickly.


    A Website
    A website provides you with an excellent springboard to creating an email list within weeks. You just ask! If you have website visitors and they are interested in your products or services, the visitors will want to keep up to date with the latest news about them. There are several strategies that will entice your visitors to sign up:

    1. Just ask! It seems simple but it is obvious. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! You can include a button or link to a page where the visitor can register there name and email address so they can be notified of the latest offerings and news from your site. Our site has a subscribe button on every page and a specific subscribe page¬†¬†so we don’t miss anyone
    2. Give something for free. Everyone loves something for free, the trick is – what do you offer? Make it something useful, something that adds value to your customer. We have managed to gain several hundred new subscribers each month from a website that has 1000 visitors per month just because the freebie was extremely valuable to the readers. If the visitors have found your page/site because of what you sell or write about – provide a download that gives them more information or solves a problem. Ensure they have to provide their email address and you will soon have more email addresses than you know what to do with!
    3. Competitions. If you sell products, run a competition that people can win your most popular product. The contestants will need to provide their email address, of course!


    A Place of business or existing Customer base

    Easy, easy, easy! This is the easiest…

    1. Place of business. It doesn’t matter if you have an office, a coffee shop or a mechanics, you can gather email addresses easily. Each time someone enters, you want their email address. You can either ask for it or offer something for it. A free biscuit with your coffee; Provide your email address and we will notify you before your MOT is due, etc. A business card lottery can work well – leaving a business card on a board is a fantastic way of introducing themselves to a wider audience (and you get their email address!).
    2. Existing Customers. Every time you speak with a customer, old or new, just ask for their email address. Done!
    Social Media provides an excellent way of approaching potential customers and if there is something of interest to them, they will provide their email addresses pronto.
    Following these simple techniques will reap you rewards. Many companies have managed to gather over 3000 email addresses within 4 weeks! Once you have the list you can keep your customers informed of the latest happenings at your business, news, giveaways and competitions.
    If you would like assistance with building your lists, click the button below.


    Imagine the World without the banks. Spend 2 minutes thinking about that.

    Now spend 2 minutes thinking about the World without Credit.

    What conclusion did you come to?

    Let’s see if it is the same as ours.

    No Banks. More Trust

    When I say “No Banks” I mean, the investment type. You know, the ones where they bet money against the market, against companies, for companies, etc. The ones that can make ¬£1Bn a month but have nothing to show for it because it isn’t real. That kind. We’ll, the way that I see it is that they are the ones causing worldwide mischief. They invent ‘new’ ways of creating more virtual money. And most money is now virtual. When was the last time withdrew all of their monthly salary? In actual fact, it sounds kind of ‘wrong’ to do that. It sounds suspicious, sneaky, risky and that you are somehow trying to beat a system, even though it is your money. It sounds dangerous. What if you were robbed or burgled? How often does that happen though?

    Banks are required but are required for ‘proper’ banking, you know, the ones where you can walk into and they look after your money (somehow). Your money gets paid into it and you can pay others from it. Nice and simple. Loans are small and low risk, interest rates are stable and you know your money is safe because the bank is truly working in your best interests. ‘Real’ bank managers are there to help.

    So, without the investment ‘risky’ type banks, things seem a little better. Real banks look after money and won’t squander it, the virtual money is safe.

    No Credit. Better Cash Flow

    Stop using credit terms. If your customer can’t pay now, let them wait for their goods. Does that sound crazy? Or is it more crazy to offer credit terms of 31 days plus for no reason? Shouldn’t all transactions have 2 sides? A product or service in exchange for money (or something)? Is it actually a transaction if there is a time period between the 2 movements? Or is that just free time with the service or products? A prolonged hire period, maybe. Several of our clients have mentioned their problematic customers who never pay within agreed terms – we have started advising them to reduce the credit terms to 7 days or immediate payment. Once the shock wore off and they followed our advice informing their customers of the reason for the change, their customers were happy to pay inline with the new terms. Interestingly some of their customers followed suit with their customers and adopted the same strategy – everyone wins!

    Improve your cash flow the same way.

    So, where do we go? Ideally we need to eradicate any ‘financial’ institution that doesn’t operate in a logical way and reduce credit terms so that companies cash flows are better. Easier said than done, we think. But we will keep on pushing…

    1dash1 provides Business consultancy that may seem strange but you can’t beat logic. Proven and Trusted.



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    Do you need help with your small business?

    It’s ok, many people need help with their small business and the problems range from small to large.

    Small Business help

    Help with your business comes in many forms. You may need to understand what that your website visitors are looking for; You may want to increase your revenue; You may want assistance with launching a new product to market or simply to find out how to improve your service to your customers.

    We help you solve your business problems

    1dash1 assist our customers to discover the answers. We will listen to you. Understand your business and provide ideas and strategies to solve your small business problems. Help is only an email or call away!

    Improve sales. Improve website hits. Improve sales conversions. All from business problem solvers.

    Contact us by completing the form below and we will contact you so your small business help is quickly applied.

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      Improve Business Profits

      You need to improve your profits. You are not alone.


      Increasing your business profits isn’t as easy, or hard, as you may think. Here are 4 hints and tips to help you along your way.

      Profit increase strategies


      Your Turnover

      This one is straightforward enough – concentrate on your best performing product/ service lines of revenue and your best, most profitable customers. It doesn’t make sense to spend 10 hours on a customer each month that spends ¬£1k-¬£2k per month opposed to 0.5 hours on a customer that spends ¬£15k with you each month.


      Increase business turnover

      Your Costs

      Reduce all non-revenue making overheads to a minimum. If that means reducing your workforces hours in slack times, do it. It is better for them to have less money each month than to have the company go bust. Don’t pay yourself a huge wage. The company is more important than your 4 holidays per year.

      Write a business plan for profits


      Prepare a Business Plan

      You should always have a business plan. It is your target to achieve. If you do not have a business plan, how do you know where you want to be in 6, 12 or 18 months? Write one now.


      KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators

      Benchmark everything of importance; Sales figures, staff productivity, revenue, profits. Then look outside of your business and benchmark similar businesses. How are they doing? If they are doing well, how can you replicate their success?

      1 dash 1 helps businesses reach their full potential by assisting them with growth strategies. We know businesses and how to make them more successful.

      We’ve been working with a firm in London this week reducing their running costs by way of improving their processes and an interesting topic came to light during our¬†diligence.

      A Bad Business Approach

      The director of the ‘shall stay unnamed’ company (we’re confidential!) had reduced his marketing strategy to almost zero per month but could not understand why new customers were not flocking to his¬†eCommerce¬†site. Well, once we briefed him on the importance of not cutting costs in value added services such as marketing and PR because they grow the business (and revenues!) he suddenly wanted to know more. Like most companies, when it comes to cost cutting they instantly reduce their marketing, advertising and offers with the thought process of “It costs money so we need to reduce it”. Cost reduction strategies are all well on good in reducing ‘dead money’ e.g. utilities, wasted resources, costly overheads and processes but they shouldn’t be implemented on business growth avenues.

      Think about it. Your electricity bill costs £1200 per month, we help you to reduce it to £900 per month and you save £300 per month Рgreat!

      Bad Cost Cutting Example

      You spend ¬£4000 per month on advertising and marketing which you halve to ¬£2000 per month, a saving of ¬£2000 per month? No. Its actually cost you ¬£300,000 per year! Why? The ¬£4000 per month was generating you ¬£600,000 of new business per year which you have just halved… make sense? In actual fact you should be considering increasing spend on business growth!

      Business Solution Providers!

      We don’t halve your costs across every expenditure you have, we look at the big picture; Revenue streams, new business, overheads, etc. We don’t advise you to slash your potential growth; we may suggest a new marketing company that can assist your growth which provides better value for money but we do not impact your bottom line for the worse.

      Cost cutting strategies

      A Bedfordshire newspaper recently reported that Bedford Borough Council has embarked on a cost cutting scheme. The scheme’s target is to reduce ¬£36 million from it’s budget.

      All well and good you say. That will mean a reduction in Domestic and Non-domestic rates, surely?

      What many business owners in Bedford are raising a red flag to is the way the council have hinted towards making the budget reductions – an increase in car parking charges in Bedford town centre. Although this is not a cost cutting strategy as it is in fact a revenue increasing strategy, the plans would see the already expensive car parking through Bedford town increase by a yet to be disclosed amount which will affect the footfall through the town and penalise those that do business or are employed by a business within Bedford.

      We are local to Bedford and always wonder why local councils throughout the UK increase spend from companies and visitors rather than actually looking at their own operational costs. Increasing expenditure for the companies and individuals in a town always has an adverse affect on a town’s overall revenue – the companies and individuals generally go elsewhere.

      Although we haven’t seen the exact breakdown of the council’s expenses, we are sure there are better ways to improve the bottom line without penalising the businesses in Bedford and the visitors to the town. One idea that springs to mind (and we are pretty sure this is across the board for all councils) is the constant maintenance works that steadily creep through Bedford, whether it be road, landscaping or general building maintenance. Hire the services of good, trustworthy companies; those companies that will perform the work ASAP in comparison to those that massage the time taken for their own benefit. This could be an issue with the tendering process – is it possible that a company, no matter how large or small it is, could provide a better service but can never win the tender?

      The media is always reporting on overly paid consultants charging ¬£2K-¬£3K per day for their services whether they are working with councils, the NHS or other public sector organisation. Isn’t it time that this is addressed by way of an independent 3rd party, made public and rectified if the findings are correct?