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Get The Most Out Of SAP Business One

Get The Most Out Of SAP Business One

You have been using SAP Business One for some time; it could be months or years – but are you getting the most out of your system?

Here are a list of questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you using spreadsheets for a system process?
  • Are your reports giving you data that you have to then transfer to Excel or Word before they are submitted to someone else?
  • Are you calculating VAT outside of SAP Business One?
  • Are you calculating anything outside of SAP Business One?
  • Do you enter payments manually into your bank?
  • Are you sending documents one by one via post or email?
  • Are you missing data within SAP Business One that you need?
  • Do you run multiple Companies but do not have inter company reports at a button click?
  • Are you missing links between Sales and Customer service?
  • Are you missing vital reports that could save time and money?
  • Are your transactions taking more than 20-30 seconds to enter into SAP Business One?
  • Are your processes confusing or cumbersome?
  • Are you missing information that you can’t get to in 10 seconds?
  • Are you missing documented business processes?
  • Are your users not getting the most out of the system?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above then you can benefit from a visit for a system tune up, report writing and a process/ system improvement session. SAP Business One is a great system which can give you everything you need within seconds – it may just need a few tweaks to get you there. If you think your system can be improved, you’re probably right. Let’s find out together!

Contact us now to organise a session and review of what can be improved.

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SAP Business One – Improving The Speed Of Reports

Along with general consultancy, system implementations, training, interfaces and development of SAP Business One, one of the most requested jobs is to improve the speed of reports. Reports can be written in SQL Queries, Crystal Reports or any other reporting tool. As a rule of thumb, if a report is running slowly, it is due to either the way it was originally written or the data it is reporting on. With some out of the box thinking it is usually possible to massively reduce the way a report runs by approaching it from a different view point.

I have personally managed to reduce report run times from 90 minutes to 30 seconds with a slight rewrite of the report – anyone who has been in a situation where there screen is frozen for 90 minutes will know how frustrating it is and what a massive improvement this is.

Ways to improve your reporting:

  • Is it possible to improve the Joins?
  • Is it possible to reduce the data calls?
  • Will a database View reduce the run time?
  • Can a temporary table(s) be created to reduce the run time?
  • Is the report written in the best possible way?
  • Are there unnecessary joins?
  • Can the data be accessed from ‘better’ sources than already used?
  • Are you able to create a better report from multiple sources rather than a nested, cascading report?

If you still have slow reports after addressing the above points then contact us and we will help you reduce the run time.

I have been asked this on site a few times over the last few months and thought it worthwhile to post the answer for anyone looking for an answer.


Is it possible to change the order of the User Defined Fields (UDFs) in SAP Business One?


The system automatically assigns a numbering order to the UDFs as they are created. It is possible to change the order of the UDFs. You have to open the form that you wish to change the UDF order of and ensure that you can see the UDF window. You then go to Tools/ Customisation Tools/ Settings/ Order and reassign the numbering order here. Number 1 will be the top UDF displayed. Please note that it is worth mentioning that if you have over 100 UDFs this may take some timeif you want a completely different order than already displayed!

Another solution is to apply categories to the UDFs which you can select at the top of the UDF window on the form. This is a neat and simple solution if you are able to categorise your UDFs in a sensible manner.

Call 0843 886 1449 now to find out how a site visit can give you more from your system.

Exciting times at 1 Dash 1. Over the last 2 weeks we have been assisting an Oil industry client by building a Production Process solution to enable them to work more efficiently and provide their customers with the best service possible by ensuring that their purchases are received within budget and on time before time. Not only has the new system reduced data entry by 90% but the ability to see all the required data in an easy to read and in real time has vastly improved how the system users can perform their jobs.

The solution consisted of automatically calculating fields, creating new fields to capture data which was previously maintained across several spreadsheets, drawing and replicating data from parent to child forms, real time reports, real time supplier reports, capturing technical sheets, capturing and providing certification and tolerance documents and much, much more.

Saving our clients time and money is what we strive to provide and most importantly it’s what we enjoy!

If your company requires assistance with improving a process whether it is in SAP Business One or anything else, we can help.


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    Pay As You Go and Monthly Contract IT Support Packages

    We will tailor a monthly support package to your needs or simply pay for IT Support as you go (pay as you go)!

    IT isn’t easy; especially with multiple device types and the ever increasing demand on businesses for IT solutions. However, 1 dash 1 can take your IT Support strain by our IT Support Monthly packages or Pay As You Go offerings. We know that your employees have jobs to do so we aim to fix their issues as soon as possible, reducing the impact on their workloads.

    Monthly Contract IT Support

    We tailor our monthly contract support packages to your business to ensure that you are receiving the best service that can be provided.

    Our Monthly IT Support Contracts include:

    • Unlimited phone IT support
    • Unlimited email IT support
    • Unlimited remote IT support
    • A set quantity of hours onsite per month
    • Server montioring

    Pay As You Go IT Support

    Our pay as you go IT support is structured to best fit your business and to be there when you need us. We offer several mediums for providing IT support:

    • Remote IT support
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    • Onsite IT support

    Our pricing for Pay As You Go IT Support is as follows:

    • £50 per hour for remote, phone and email IT Support
    • £75 per hour for Onsite support (inclusive of mileage)

    SAP Business One SQL Prompt Variables

    /* SELECT FROM [dbo].[OSLP] T1 */
    declare @slpName as varchar(155)
    set @SlpName = /* T1.SlpName */ ‘[%0]’

    /* SELECT FROM [dbo].[OCRD] T2 */
    declare @CardCode as varchar(15)
    /* WHERE */
    set @CardCode = /* T2.CardCode */ ‘[%1]’


    SAP Business One HANA Prompt Variables

    /* select from [dbo].[OINV] T0 */

    /* select from [dbo].[OSLP] T1 */

    Declare FromDate timestamp;

    Declare ToDate timestamp;

    Declare SALESEMP char(155);


    SALESEMP := /* T1.”SlpName” */ ‘[%0]’;

    FromDate := /* T0.”DocDate” */ ‘[%1]’;

    ToDate := /* T0.”DocDate” */ ‘[%2]’;


    !! Remember to end your HANA SQL Script with a semicolon and replace the single and double quotes above which are enforced formatting !!

    Exciting times! Our SAP Business One support lines are now open!

    SAP Business One Support

    What’s included in our support services?

    • Telephone Support
    • Email Support
    • Remote Access Support

    SAP Business One Support Line

    Ad Hoc Support Prices

    Only £37.50 + VAT per support call*
    Monthly Support

    Just £500 + VAT per Month for unlimited users **

    << Check out the Support page in detail here >>


    * & ** – See our main support page for more details.

    Bookings are now being taken for September and October 2015 so don’t miss out!

    Courses available:

    • SAP Business One – All Modules
    • Crystal Reports
    • SQL Queries for SAP Business One
    • Implementation best practices

    1 dash 1 can assist you with selecting the best ERP or Accounting software for your business.

    An SAP Business One Stock Report with All Items

    The following stock report will display all Items with or without quantities in Stock.


    select t0.ItemCode, t1.ItemName, isnull(t3.OnHandQty,0) as ‘In Stock’, t2.BinCode, t2.SL1Code, t2.SL2Code from OITW T0

    inner join OITM t1 on t0.ItemCode = t1.ItemCode

    inner join OBIN t2 on t2.AbsEntry = T0.DftBinAbs

    left outer join OIBQ t3 on t0.ItemCode=t3.ItemCode and t0.WhsCode = t3.WhsCode

    where t2.BinCode between [%0] and [%1]

    order by t2.SL1Code, t2.SL2Code, t0.ItemCode